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      The Yan's Compound of Bai Minority in XizhouAccording to a public survey, "if you have 101 things to do in Dali, what's the most important of all?" 100 percent answered "to visit Zhoucheng and Xizhou." Surely, it's a "must" for the travelers. Because you can enjoy lovely ethical clothes, fairylike programs, decorative

    Xizhou Town 

    architectures, gifted garden parties and wonderful handicrafts in here.Located at only 18 kilometers north of Dali, Xizhou faces Erhai on the east and rests on Cangshan in the west. It's not only a historically famous city but also a typical commercial center of Bai Nationality. Speaking of Xizhou, people of course take importance to the Bai-style architectures. Examples are Yan's compound, Hou's compound and Dong's compound.The Bai houses are very distinctive. Entering Xizhou, capacious courtyard and peaceful streets treat visitors with calmness and elegance which were typical in the ancient times. The Yan's compound lies in the central part of Xizhou. It is made up of five courtyards from north to south, including Sanfangyizhaobi (compounds with three houses on each side and a screen wall facing the main house), Sihewutianjing (compounds with four houses in the center and five light wells in each corner) and an independent three-storied western-style building. Each of the houses puts great emphasis on designing the front gate of the compound, because it shows the owner's economic status and also is the symbol of 

    Xizhou Town

    bringing honor to his ancestor. Doors, windows and walls are designed delicately and beautifully. The doors and windows are engraved with the figures ofdifferent birds and flowers. The walls are decorated with wash paintings. All of these reveal the superb skills and creative talents of the Bai Nationality.Besides visiting the Bai-style architectures, visitors also have chances to touch the living styles of the local people, taste their special food, and drink their unique tea. "Three Courses of Tea" is very dainty; it's different from other Chinese tea. The first course smells a little bitter; the second course is a bit sweet (adding candy and walnut pieces in it); and the third course is memorable (with condiments in it). Maybe you have drunk black tea, green tea, jasmine tea or other kinds of Chinese tea, but "three courses of tea" gives you a different feel. It's just like life, bitter first and sweet later. You must taste slowly. Meanwhile, when you taste the tea, you can also enjoy the Bai's singing and dancing performances, and take part in some local evenings and activities. In the day-time, you can go to the commercial center to buy what you want, such as marble wares, which enjoy great popularity among the visitors.The Bai is a minority reveling in art. The Yan's compound stands for the Bai's traditional residential characteristics and is a combination of Chinese and western architectural style. In 1987, it was announced by the State Council to be one of the third group of State Monuments.

  • Kunming night tour for the Green Lake Park, a Dinner plus the Dynamic Yunnan Show

    Kunming night tour for the Green Lake Park, a Dinner plus the Dynamic Yunnan Show

    Yunnan becomes attracted and surprised by the unique ways of life and the great cultural diversities of the minority nationalities. With the development of transportation, the mysterious land of Yunnan is just within your reach. The tour offers you Green Lake Park, a nice dinner in Bamboo Restaurant and a Dynamic Yunnan night show. As a beautiful land blessed with the sun and ample resources, Yunnan can meet your demands, it offers fabulous night composed of yummy food, terrific show and beautiful landscape.

    Price : from USD 90

  • 2 Day Wonderland Tour to Yuanyang Rice Terrace from Kunming

    2 Day Wonderland Tour to Yuanyang Rice Terrace from Kunming

    Enjoy a relaxing travel with RV to see the wonderful and unique natural scene and local culture in Southeast Yunnan.Yunnan offers a colorful world and is very beautiful. Honestly speaking, Yunnan is like a goddess with veil, and it needs to be disclosed for its beauty little by little. This line contains the beautiful Rice Terraces in Yuanyang. Enjoy best scene en route from its most colorful side and make beautiful pictures. Expect the excitement everyday of the whole journey, it is a perfect in-depth private tour! 

    Price : from USD 315

  • Private Three day trip to  Shangri-la with Monastry visit

    Private Three day trip to Shangri-la with Monastry visit

    For this private day trip of Shangri-La, you are visiting the most classic sightseeing accompanied by your private English-speaking tour guide to UNESCO world heritage Potatso National Park and little Potala "Songzanlin Monastry" . This tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off, lunch, private transportation and a tour guide.   

    Price : from USD 280

  • Three day discovery tour of Lijiang

    Three day discovery tour of Lijiang

    Join us for this ideal private tours for travelers who are eager to explore Yunnan Province in Southwestern China! Discover the famous Lijiang Old Town, Black Dragon Pool, Wangu Tower, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain​ and Lijiang Impressions show.Tour guide, hotel pick-up and drop-off, air-conditioned transportation are all included in the tour for your convenience and comfort.   

    Price : from USD 260

  •  7 day  discovery tour to South of Yunnan

    7 day discovery tour to South of Yunnan

    During this 7-day private tour, your guide will show you areas in south of Yunnan for experiencing different culture and folk in China.In the tour, you discover the jade of Kunming "Green Lake Park", symbol of Kunming "Phoenix Archway', vibrant "Flowers and Birds Market",  UNESCO world heritage "Stone forest", the ancient courtyard style living quarters "Zhu Family Garden", the famous Jianshui Confucian Temple, a Han-style living residence "Tuanshan Village",a unique architecture "double-Dragon Bridge", sunrise and sunset from Yuanyang Rice Terraces, the ethnic complex "Kunming Ethnic Village" and picturesque Dianchi Lake. You will see south of China in a new look.   

    Price : from USD 578

  • Lijiang tour to  Baisha village enjoy Lijiang Impressions show at Jade snow mountain

    Lijiang tour to Baisha village enjoy Lijiang Impressions show at Jade snow mountain

    The tour guide will give you a wonderful introduction of those tourist spots from history overview to scenery introduction. You will learn the life of Naxi in Baisha Village and its unique culture. The largest outdoor scene “ Lijiang Impressions ”show directed by ZhangYiMou will really catch your eyes and heart. While breathing the fresh air, while walking in the virgin forest, while watching jade snow mountain far apart is the most wonderful time for taking leisure. “Little Jiuzhai” should be a beauty for appreciating the nature.

    Price : from USD 177

  • Three day relaxing tour of Kunming

    Three day relaxing tour of Kunming

    Kunming is reputed as the spring city. In the tour, you experience the nice climate plus amazing picturesque view of Kunming. You discover jade of Kunming "Green Lake Park", symbol of Kunming "Phoenix Archway", vibrant Flowers and Birds Market, the first wonder under heaven "Stone forest", a historical and cultural town "the Guandu Old Town", Overlook Dianchi from western Hill, unique-designed Dragon Gate with Dragon Gate temple.You find everywhere in Kunming hides endless exciting and surprise.   

    Price : from USD 215

  • 2 Day Shangri-la and Meili Snow Mountain tour

    2 Day Shangri-la and Meili Snow Mountain tour

    This tour takes you to visit remote minority cultures and the legendary Shangri-La. The most magnificent scenery and cultures of Yunnan are waiting to be explored,from ancient towns to snowy mountains, from one of the world's deepest canyons to notable temples. In the tour, you experience Napahai lake, Nixi Pottery village, Benzilan, the Big bend of Jinshajiang, East Bamboo Forest Temple, flying temple, Meili snow mountain and Baima snow mountain.

    Price : from USD 200

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