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     Yalong Bay is the best beach area in Sanya where you will find all what you want:

      Crystal-clear water, white sand beach (not crowded at all) and the best beach resorts in China. Situated about 25 km east of Sanya City and 35 km from Sanya Airport, Yalong Bay centers on a crescent-shaped beach of about 7,000 m. The sea water is so clear that visibility can reach as deep as almost 8 meters, making it a very good choice for scuba diving and snorkeling.


      If you just want to lie on the beach, enjoy the crystal-clear water, sandy beach and resorts facilities, Yalong Bay is the best place to be. If you are working in China and want to get away from the city life, then Yalong Bay is your best choice. In Yalong Bay, each resort has private beach area with umbrellas and beach chairs for resorts guests only. As it is a beach resort, you don't see much local life, only resorts and tourists from all over the world. Sometime you don't feel you are in Sanya, but as if somewhere in Hawaii, Florida or could be any beach resort in the world. There are a few shops and local restaurants & bars in Yalong Bay near Crowne Plaza Yalong Bay.

      Sanya Popular Beach, Yalong Bay Sanya Hainan Island, China so far the best developed beach on Hainan Island.



  • Six Days  Sunshine Honeymoon Tour

    Six Days Sunshine Honeymoon Tour

    Take the guessing game out of honeymoon planning and control your honeymoon budget with an all inclusive honeymoon package that allows you to enjoy the oriental atmosphere of China which has become more and more popular for honeymoon travelers. Relax in the warmth of the sunny Hainan and its myriad isles, each a tiny paradise; explore the perfect places to celebrate your new life together or to commemorate a milestone in your relationship. Hainan is a paradise for a sea side and sunny vacation making it the perfect destination after your big day as you both deserve pampering and quality time together.

    Price : from USD 394

  • 6 Days Sanya Leisure Tour

    6 Days Sanya Leisure Tour

    Sanya is known as "China's advanced city in environmental protection", "China's garden-like city", "China's model city in ecology", and "national advanced city in sanitation". The world's oldest continuous civilization offers three millennia of juxtaposing delights. Uncover the mystery of Sanya for yourself on this tour as you enjoy the sun on the beach escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Delve into Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay, Dadonghai,Nanshan dongtian Park and Nanshan Temple. History, amazing sights, cosmopolitan cuisine, and loads of fun await you on this fascinating Sanya tour. It’s a vacation of a lifetime!

    Price : from USD 480

  • 5 Days Highlights of Hainan

    5 Days Highlights of Hainan

    Experience the spectacle that 3,000 years of Chinese history has produced in Hainan Island, just off the southern coast of China which has everything one could want in a tropical vacation with balmy beaches, gentle winds and vegetation creeping along the serene shores. Say good-day to pristine Dadonghai, Luhuitou Park, TianyaHaijiao, Nanshan Temple, Li and Miao Minority Village,Xinglong Tropical Botanical Gardens,and jump into an eye-popping adventure in Yalong Bay.

    Price : from USD 453

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